February 24, 2010

Ancient Indian Beauty Regimes

When we were having a drink and snooping around the Oberoi Hotel of Agra back in November 2008, I saw this book in the gift shop. I didn’t buy it because we were traveling and on a budget and I couldn’t be bothered carrying it all over India. I just remembered about it last week, ordered it, read it in about two days. Traveling through India I was so fascinated by the women, their clothes, hair, jewelry, and general beauty. I even bought hair oil while I was there to try to keep up, obviously a few doses of hair oil doesn’t compare to a lifetime of a strict beauty regime.
I was particularly obsessed with the sari, which is one of the most beautiful garments on this earth. If you’re interested in Indian culture and want a neat read, I highly recommend this book. Now I just need to get to my local Indian grocer to pick up chickpea flour and other ingredients for body pastes and other at home treatments!



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