March 18, 2010

A Little Off Topic…

Last night I had a root canal. Advice from my mother was to have a smoothie for dinner. I prefer Jamba Juice, but for some reason my Garmin couldn’t lead me to a close enough one, so I ran by Smoothie King. I asked for medium. I remember thinking, geez, $7 is kinda a lot for a medium smoothie. I did not see the cups behind the counter. A medium smoothie king is really a XXXXL. HUMONGOUS. I mean, really. This is why this nation is a little on the plump side. When I got it I was shocked; I thought… well, I’ll definitely save half of this for tomorrow’s breakfast.

THIS is why this nation is on the plump side. That thing was gone in 20 minutes. I’m actually disgusted. I think it was like 502 oz. I’m sorry that this post has nothing to do about anything. But I just had to share my shock over a “medium” smoothie in this country. And even more of a shock, I downed the whole thing in minutes. Before I knew it, it was gone. Anyway, that’s it. Carry on with your other blog reading.

Wait, I mean, just look at this monster next to a normal sized coke. Hu-mon-gous.



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