November 10, 2010

A few notes from paris

– iphone blogging sucks
-my french is terrible (say terrible in a french accent but the rest in american english and you’ll get my drift)
– which makes me sad my gazillions of years studying the language is failing me, tres triste. pathetique. vraiment.
-the euro star is fast, next time you’re in london, take it to paris, you wont regret it
-cafe flore in st. germain is still as chic as ever and an afternoon chocolat chaud at angelinas was divine
-spent dollas at collette and didn’t let the snobby haters that work there burst my first day in paris in 6 years bubble
-dinner including a boozy drink are on the cards now
-hotel st.beuve and david hicks are inspiring me beyond. my mother in law might leave me here if she hears me gush about another drapery detail, art placement, color combo..the list goes on.
-don’t let me forget to buy another memory card demain.
– a special note to france and england if you’re reading-iphones are useless without free wifi. merci.
-no pics, see note 1.



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