January 26, 2009

365 days of OX

Today is the Chinese Lunar New Year of the Ox. Our new president was born in the year of the Ox, very auspicious indeed! Here are some festive ideas if I were hosting a little Chinese New Year soirée tonight.

I’d decorate with some mini mandarin trees. The fruit symbolizes gold coins, or wealth for the new year. If you’ve been invited to Chinese New Year party, bringing one of these (with a red ribbon of course) would be a darling hostess present!

photo found here

I’d serve cocktails on these little side tables, which can be used anywhere!

Guests can be entertained by playing mahjong all night long!

Since this is a pretend party, I get to have a pretend budget. I’d order this chandelier to go over the dining table, where I’d serve a buffet style Chinese dinner.I’d string these paper lantern lights all around outside!

And for favors, I’d pass on giving out Hong Bao, instead I’d send each guest away with customized fortune cookies!

Gong Xi Fai Cai!!



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