Super Sweet Deal

Super Sweet Deal

Thursday, April 30th, 2009

Would someone PLEASE book a trip to Asia! These Singapore Airline deals are amazing! I can’t go now that we are working and our tripping around is over for a little while. But I want someone else to book a fun trip since I can’t go. It’s like shopping with someone who spends a lot when you have no money, it’s fun to watch! So go ahead, book away!

Houston to Moscow to Singapore to Bali: $959

Houston to Moscow to Singapore
: $800

Houston to Moscow to Singapore to Kuala Lumpur
(to visit Courtney anyone?) : $1123

Houston to Moscow to Bangkok
: $979

Do y’all know how good the shopping is in Bangkok and how nice the beaches are in Bali? And you even have the rare opportunity to stop off for a night or two in Russia on your way! Bon voyage!


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