November 30, 2010

hello? anybody home?

so mia. sorry about that. busy busy busy bee over here.
what’s going on with you?
Around here:
-have new clients, some near, some far
-traveled to louisiana for thanksgiving
-ate a lot
-need to exercise a lot now to make up for all that pecan pie and creamed spinach
-i love being from the south
-have a big ass antique patchwork kilim rug in the back of my car
i’m freaking out over it, it’s pretty pretty
-i will do anything to paint a house head to toe in F&B’s hague blue
-that is a major itch i need to scratch. aka paint. who wants it?
-over thanksgiving my cousin asked me how much time i waste, spend, blogging.
-the answer to that is a lot. i am working on time management right now. it might involve blogging with no punctuation. bare with me.
-in one day and 3 hours it will be december
-it’s still september in my mind right now, which is a problem.
paris. i miss you.
miles, you and your highgloss hague makes my heart flutter

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